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Life badges
AHHH! - peewee
With the advent of achievements on Xbox and badges on things like Foursquare, you kinda get used to the idea that there should be something to commemorate certain events.

What if we had them for life? Graduation, filing your taxes for the first time, paying off a loan, etc. Today was one of those days where I wish we had them. I drove home for the first time, at 32, on the freeway in rush hour traffic in a downpour. My wipers were going nuts and we never went over 40. I am wearing an invisible badge on my shoulder right now that reads "rush hour downpour survivor".

I think it would make things more interesting.

PS: I got home in time to see this from my balcony:

Sunshine & rain
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Badge worthy indeed!

I have to agree! Driving during rush hour in LA is bad enough but adding rain to the mix indeed makes it more difficult. My favorite part is when a few drops begin to come down and everyone has to come to a complete stop. ;)


I'd heard you'd soon be needing snorkling equiptment to get around in Fresno, but I didn't know it extended that far south.

Go you! but frankly it's not even your driving you have to worry about, it's all the other idiots out there who don't think they need to drive less than 60 in weather like that. We get the same here when it's icy, only they're the same ones you see flipped/spun/smashed 10 min. later when you pass them as they wait for the police and emergency services.

Yeppers - be funny if someone made an app for that. And *bbrrr shudder phew!* on the driving! Only driven once in LA. Prefer the Cross Bronx Exp at any hour to that.

Beautiful sky tho!

How about rush hour downpour blinding-splash-from-the-opposing-truck traffic-on-710 survivor? Xp

Lovely shot of the sunset. Too bad I never have my camera when I want it. Seen some beautiful colors off the landing of the parking structure from the train.

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