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The saved draft that never got posted...
CSI - Nick smile
Setting: It is still February and are still living in our apartment in Long Beach. I sit at my computer and start typing out a grand ol' entry to catch everyone up to all the events that have happened since December. But then I got interrupted by actual work and this entry never got finished. Here is what I wrote:

My husband wins at Valentine's. There's also a box of chocolates.For Valentine's Day, Juan outdid himself. It was more than the flowers, the chocolates, and the margaritas with dinner. It was the note that he wrote with the flowers that totally melted me into a puddle.
Roses are red, violets are... too corny. This is going to be a big year for us. I don't know how to express my love for you more than  buying a house where we can finally live our dreams. I love you - Juan
It's not like the house thing was a surprise. We've been hard at work looking for houses online, scheduling visits, going to open houses, etc... but it was seeing it all wrapped up in a few words it just let it nall sink in.

We've checked out hundreds of houses online (started out on Zillow and Trulia, ended up on, it's the best!). 
PS: I really miss you guys.
PPS: I should really finish the story about our house.

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Awesomeness. Kinda like an early Christmas gift. And also shows how very awesome your guy is. Kudos!

You are an amazing person and it's awesome that you found someone equally so. Thanks for sharing your love story, and congrats on your new home. XOXO

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