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Crazy Aaron
neville - madeofawesome
So, I bought some of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty for a bunch of friends at work. It was a sort of post x-mas holiday season gift that I ordered and expected to receive at the latest last week, but ended up getting this week.

It was a hit. Actually, that is a bit of an understatement. It was a HUGE hit. I think I must have elevated morale and general feelings of fun and good by at least 50%, but surely decreased productivity by just as much. lol

When you cruise around the site, just know that the tins come with excercise cards for your hands, and that the putty looks a lot cooler in person.

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My putty is so cool. It is icicle, which is a beautiful shade of sky blue with sparkles in it. I am trying to keep mine in pristine condition, as opposed to Brian who was bouncing his all over the office. When it landed in Fahria's trash can, I was kind enough to remove one of her long dark hairs, but I wasn't going to go digging for other bits of carpet fuzz and such. Andrew was spraying his with the compressed air to see how it changes color when it gets cold. Mine doesn't change color or glow in the dark, but it is still the perfect one for me. Angie's is metallic silver, which suits her perfectly. And the warm colors of orange and yellow are perfect for Fahria. You definitely brightened the mood in here today, Anitza. I like the delay in getting a gift. It makes it really stand out. Thanks!!!

I am glad you enjoyed it Alexi! It really was a great surprise to see how much you all enjoyed them!

That's pretty hilarious. Well, I guess now we know what drives working adults crazy these days.

Yep, sometimes, we're pretty easy to please.

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