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OK, so this weekend we finally rented and watched The Illusionist. It came out last summer right before The Prestige. Both were very easy to confuse for one another since they were period pieces dealing with made up famous magicians. The following is spoiler-free.

When we saw The Prestige, we left the theater in a buzz talking about all the awesome things that happened (and squeeing a little about David Bowie, but that is besides the point). When talking to people that had seen both of them we were told many times how The Prestige was way better than The Illusionist so we shrugged and said, "Cool, guess we caught the right one!".

That is until a few weeks ago when people started talking about these movies again since they were easy to get on DVD. All of a sudden, the tide had turned and people were saying The Illusionist was way better. So, to find out for ourselves, we rented it this weekend.

Dude, nobody told us it would be a comedy.

OK, maybe not that bad, but there were some moments when we just laughed at how terrible it was. Come on, the butterflies? Really! And what the hell, the flashback/revelation scene at the end was so ridiculous we just about turned it off. I hate when they do flashbacks for a character from an impossible POV or about something they could never have seen.

The Prestige totally blew my mind when I saw it. It was awesome and the revelation was incredible.

So, my dear flisters, what did you think? And why? If you haven't seen one or both, don't read the comments because spoilers kill this sort of movie.

Poll #981066 Prestige v. Illusionist

Prestige v. Illusionist

The Illusionist was better.
The Prestige was better.
I only saw The Illusionist and liked it.
I only saw The Prestige and liked it.
I saw neither.
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From what you just described, I have absolutely no interest in seeing "The Illusionist".

Now, I saw "The Prestige" and it blew my mind! The ending, which I promise NOT to divulge, totally blew me away and I was left with my mouth hanging over, repeating, "Oh my gawwwd!" I actually rented it on Pay Per View one Sunday a month or so ago. I've soooo wanted to watch it a second time. The final revelations...they totally made my stomach feel like it was falling out of my butt.

Hubby couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, but I knew better (he didn't actully sit and watch it all).

Same thing happened to me with "The Good Shephard" when I watched it on PPV this past Sunday...dude! I was left freaking out at the end, too!

I need to purchase "The Prestige" so I can convert it to my iPod.


Not reeeeeeally spoiler, but could be considered so:

Ok, so, I can't use your poll thingie, because I saw both, but liked both for totally different reasons, equally.
Both ending were crazy awesome twist endings and blew my mind (although I pretty much guessed the illusionists ending, just not all the details around it). One was realistic seeming with a supernatural ending, and was supernatural seeming with a realistic (relatively) ending. One was more about the love of their child, one was more about the love of a woman.
It's all based on you tastes; the friend I went to see both with loved the illusionist, and hated the prestige. He felt they cheated with the ending in the prestige (He felt it was too abrupt and implausible; a cheap way of finishing the movie. Rather like when someone dies, and it all turns out to be a dream). However, I think he's just jealous of christian bale.
Which leads me to the similarity you missed: both movies have super hot men in them, which is always a plus for any movie ^_^.

LOL. Yes, they both have really hot men. So that kept me watching for sure!

See, in the Illusionist, I saw it coming a mile away, although the whole necromancy thing was kinda like an after-thought. I feel the same way as your friend, just in the opposite direction.

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