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r0x0rz - krum

I got a package at work today that contained a gift bag. How cute and unnecessary (which triples the cuteness factor)! Also note me talking to penster in the back and immy being down.

Thanks Tara!!

Space Invader Socks!

Handy dandy washing instructions included!
Washing instructions

Seriously, I have never owned my own pair of hand knit socks, and the fact that you made these for me and they are so rocktastic is just too awesome for words. Thank you chica! *hugs*

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They are fabulous!! And they look super cosy too which is always a v good thing!! :D

Got your message - YAY! I'm so glad they arrived safely (um, and FAST for once!) and that you like them. You look le happy. :D

I decided to text you due to your hiatus. :D

They are so awesome and I tried one of them on and fit perfectly. alexiperplexy thinks they are really cool too. :D

Edited at 2008-05-22 11:47 pm (UTC)

Thanks! I'm really relieved it fit you. Tell her (?) thank you beaucoup!

And please do not be afraid to wear them (not saying you are, but if you were thinking it...stop! lol). :D

Holy crap...are those SPACE INVADER socks?

I'm totally jealous.

I can't even how to figure out how to knit myself a pair of plain socks.

Shite Chica- them there are some freakin' awesome socks! Tara, you are unbelievable.

Tara is the queen of color work knitting. *bows to superior skillz*

Mauvey does rawk! My god those socks make me dizzy just looking at them! I bow to her superior colour knitting. You are one lucky gal!

Those are super cool! She rocks!

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