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Moving Day...
in the LBC
Hello everybody!

After having an LJ account for so many years, I decided it was time for me to move over to my own domain. From now on I will only be posting at

I struggled with the decision but ultimately, the thought of starting new somewhere else is what really lit a fire under my butt. Well, technically not really new, since I transfered all my content over there, but still ;)

I hope that you will continue to stay in touch with me through my blog over there, via Facebook, or Twitter. This place brought a really great sense of community for so many years but unfortunately, most people have moved on.

I'll keep an eye on my flist and I won't delete what is here, but I will no longer be updating here.

For me, it's the end of an era. See ya on the other side, I hope.

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I'll follow you there! or, I'll try. I don't have use of a comp most days, and my phone never lets me comment here on LJ, even though I've been reading everyone's updates.

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