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(OK found it.)

We developed this app in-house with just three people total: designer, volunteer programmer, and me (let's just say I did a lot of coordinating and stuff). It took us what seems like forever, turning down cookie-cutter template offers left and right (they would offer stuff for free but then get you with their crazy monthly charges- plus it's a template). We had no budget. Literally.

And here we are! We are on iTunes homepage being featured! This is HUGE. Woo hoo!

Juan's 30th Birthday Party
birthday wishes
Let's try to play catch-up here.

Last entry I talked about how we were getting ready to throw a big ol' party for Juan. Not only that, but it was themed. Yep, it was the crazy hat party! To be honest, it is mostly a blur now. We worked so hard that day (and the one before) and it was so freakin' hot to boot! But everyone had fun, especially Juan. It was an interesting mix of family and friends (especially of different social circles). I wish I'd had more time (and a clone of my would have been nice too). I didn't spend nearly as much time as I wanted with all my friends, but I was very happy to see them nonetheless.

Here are a few fun photos:

Crazy Hat Party!

Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party!

Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party! Crazy Hat Party!

A few tips that worked really well at our party:
  1. If you ever throw a crazy hat party, have some crazy hats on hand for the losers that think they can get away with not wearing one. LOL :P
  2. Lighting the back yard was a challenge, but my sisters helped out a lot with that. They raided their Christmas lights stash and helped us with lighting up significant portions of the yard. Aside from that, I also had lots of candles.
  3. The candles were all kept in mason jars which served as nice center pieces too. They provided wonderful mood lighting and also an opportunity to use a couple of citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay. I didn't get a good photo of them on the table, but you get the idea here.
  4. Bouncy house is a must if there are going to be any kids at a party. It corrals them all in place and then when they go home, the big kids get to play!
  5. Pin the blank on the blank can be a great game, even with grown-ups! We made a big sort of poster of Juan and had sunglasses for people to pin on his face. We had about half kids and half adults play and it got REALLY rowdy and hilarious. That was a ton of fun!
Anyway, that's about it. If you want to see the rest of the photos, they're on Flickr.

I'm melting!
juanitza - citywalk

We just got back from lunch at work. We normally walk around our area here at the waterfront in Long Beach because we want to get out of the office, get a little exercise, and reduce the use of cars.

But today, as we were going our normal Frogger route (no crosswalk, about 4 'roads' on a bridge where cars aren't supposed to stop), my foot sunk in some loose soil pretty much at the edge where the purple shrubs are in this map. I was walking with AR and BG and happened to be right behind AR when my ankle bent the wrong way as my foot sunk and my hands flew out to stop my inevitable fall. I ended up pushing poor AR into the street as oncoming traffic was making its way down the bridge! Don't worry, he's safe and wasn't in any real danger, but had I fallen like 30 seconds later, it might be a different story. So I sat there, dumbfounded in the dirt wondering what the hell happened to me and wondering if I was going to be able to put weight on my ankle. But my ankle seems to be doing just fine. I messed up my knee about a month ago (same leg) and now that I mention it, about six months ago, this is the same leg that got the brunt of a nasty fall in the shower. It's letting me know it isn't happy by randomly threatening me with spasms and almost-cramps.

We ended up walking over to Islands and by the time we walked back... ugh! The heat! We were melting! Up until now, we had a very mellow summer. Actually, let me rephrase that, we didn't really have a summer. We had record low temps as the marine layer stayed until last week. Now, we have high 80's at the coast, monsoonal moisture, and triple digits inland. I'm not equipped to handle this! I hope next week's projected temps stay true.

And then tomorrow, we will be throwing Juan's Crazy Hat Party at his parents'. He is turning 30 next week and wanted to have a big party. I can't wait to see all the friends and family, especially since crazy hats are required!

In which we see Iron Man 2
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It was awesome!

Juan and I saw it on Saturday night and really enjoyed it. It was a special effects orgy, but the good kind. ;) Spoilers...Collapse )

Google Analytics and Livejournal
manatee/shark - let's be friends-NO!
Did anyone else out there enable Google Analytics to keep on eye on their LJ stats? As soon as they announced it, I enabled it and promptly forgot about it.

That is, until now.

I 've been MIA from LJ for the better part of a year now, and that is due to sheer laziness. Facebook and Twitter has taken the fun out of journaling for me because on there I don't have to sit and be eloquent in any shape or form. But every week, I sit and guilt trip myself over the loss of this past year in terms of any significant journaling. I mean, I read my flist every day. Why don't I just jump in and post?!

Anyway, we were talking about stats.

So I checked them out today and was quite surprised by the results. It seems that people visit my journal when they are looking for a couple of specific things in Google: Spokeo and the epic struggle of lolrus.

I have to say:
  1. I had to look read the entire Spokeo entry to even remember what the hell it was. I think it has changed since then, but I am not willing to research this time to find out.
  2. I am really proud that my lolrus entry is still being found by people on the internet. Good times.
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Yesterday was a good day
juanitza - fremont
Yesterday was one of those fantastic days that don't seem to come around too often. We woke up and got to work at a decent hour (this is a challenge in our household). We dropped off the rent in the morning and sometime later that day we got a phone call from the building manager congratulating us on winning the monthly drawing. $50 off next month's rent - w00t! Then I got my adorable Big Daddy Plush from ThinkGeek:

He's here! My Big Daddy Plush is adorable! Thanks @AwesomeJuan @ThinkGeek! (by Anitza V)

If you haven't played Bioshock 2 and seen a certain ending,you might have never seen this little guy. Put it this way, this is the little doll that the little sisters put together to look like their big daddies with whatever they could find. The moment I saw it in the game, I knew I wanted it and hoped that someone would make it and then a couple weeks later, ThinkGeek started selling it.

Anyway, so I got him. Juan had his annual review and got a nice raise (wish I could say the same, my raise was a non-profit pittance)! We celebrated by picking dinner up from our local sushi restaurant (YUM).

Then we got a phone call from his mom and she tells us that our car insurance payment dropped a little over $20 bucks (we have our insurance all bundled with theirs)!

If only those days would come along more often!
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Noche de Estrellas
bsg - vipers
Me and Eddie  (by Anitza V)

Edward James Olmos is such a wonderfully passionate and down to Earth man. He posed for photos with everyone who asked him at our night event Sunday night (Noche de Estrellas). We presented him with the Aquarium of the Pacific's Heritage Award for his ocean conservation and education efforts. I did the Spanish-language speaking for the award presentation, so that means I was up on stage with him and at one point, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I just about died.

He shattered any expectations I had of him. I had hoped that he was a nice guy, but he was beyond that. He showed up with a posse composed of as much of his family that could show up; sons (including "Hot Dog"), aunts, grandkids, even his 80-something year old mother. In his acceptance speech, he gave such mad props to her and got so emotional and even teary-eyed, it was hard for me to not lose it on stage.

After the award presentation, he sat with his family and had dinner (eventually, after he took a ton of photos). I had to do a little more running around (did a quick bilingual dive presentation at Tropical), but eventually, Juan and I hit the dance floor for a couple of songs. Our good friend  Jesus of DJ Quinto Sol DJ'd the event, so the music was great. What was awesome was that Mr. Olmos and his wife would get up and dance too (at one point, he was so into it he even stepped on me, hahaha) so it felt like a big party. His birthday is on Wednesday, we all sang him "Happy Birthday" and he sorta celebrated with us.

I thought I was a fan before, but I am a FAN for LIFE now.

ETA: Juan emailed me a link to the news. Look at me failing to get out of the way on the cramped stage! Hahaha!

Drive-by post
*kitty - ZOMG!!!
Wow! I have been CRAZY busy lately. Work has been sorta driving me insane in the sense that I have so many projects going on at the same time and everything is an emergency. It's also been a lot of fun with the launch of our new staff website, but it is a huge project that involves a lot of people at this stage and there is a lot of hand holding that I don't mind doing but takes up a lot of time and energy.

And that's only work!

My dad had an accident at work on Monday that started off the week very badly. Fortunately, he is ok (something fell on his head, he knocked out for a few, all tests say he is ok). But man, that was a scare! I was a zombie the rest of the day.

Meanwhile, Juan broke his glasses last Friday and put in an order for new ones on that day. He'd been wearing his prescription sunglasses for everything while he waits for either his old glasses to be fixed or for his new ones to come in. Cue the trips to the mall to the fix-it place and to the optometrist. Worst part was that it rained a couple days/nights and driving in the rain in the dark with shades is a scary thing. I am so glad he got his old glasses fixed and in his hands now. We'll get his new ones in about a week.

And tomorrow my dear Toni Rose will be visiting with her hubby and Leila! It will be a little Santa Cruz reunion and I can't wait!

I was sitting in the park one day...
cuddy -winner/giddy
Today's View (by Anitza V)

I took that on Sunday and am still loving it. I want to be there right now. Lying in a hammock on a sunny afternoon in the park just looking up at the sky through the branches. If you are anywhere other than the southwest, I am sorry you had to see that.

I fail at LJ and didn't do a much needed end of year update nor have I done my welcome new year one either. But it's coming... 

Merry Christmas Friends!
red tree star
Merry Christmas! (by Anitza V)


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